Hi everyone

Is anyone ready to throw out their glucose meters with me?

This is my third pregnancy and third time with gestational diabetes!

For the first pregnancy, my fasting numbers were 4.2, second one 4.5 and now third one 4.8-5.2

My numbers are always super good after eating breakfast (2 hours after 5.3) but start to get more sluggish as the day wears on - which requires me to do walk after lunch and dinner usually with my numbers being around 6.

I don't eat a ton of carbs and after having gestational diabetes three times I understand what I can and can not eat...no white bread, pizza, white pasta -milk and fruit only in the mornings.

I don't have any other gd factors - slim build...why me then? I am not sure. I went to an endo the first time and they gave me cheat sheets on what to do and what not to do.

Because of my history, I have been monitoring my blood glucose since day one with this baby so have not done the ogtt or gtt tests this time around.

Up until now I have been managing this myself so not sure if I should book in with an endo. What can they really tell me that I don't already now - after three years of struggling with gd.

Sorry this is a bit of a rant...Any tips or advice are appreciated.

Thanks guys.