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    Default Moving interstate

    Hi all,

    Just looking for some help or advice.

    I have a 2.5 yr old and a 6 month old and I love with my DH in Melb. He lost his job last year and has been contracting whilst looking for a new perm role.

    He has been offered a job in Brisbane.

    We moved to Oz from the UK 10 years ago. So we have no family support only the network of friends we have built over the last 10 yrs.

    Since having DD I have gained a small but awesome mothers group who have been a godsend esp since DS.

    I "know" people on Qld but I won't have that network that I have worked hard to build. But I know I can have that Aussie lifestyle a and get my always dreamed of own pool!

    So please help. Sell it to me. DH would be working at the airport. DD is currently in CC 3 days a week and DS is due to start in Feb when I was going back to work. My job can be done where ever but it would take time to get set up on CC.

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    We moved from Melb to qld when DS was about 16 months and have never looked back - however, totally different circumstances.

    We moved back to qld (we'd moved to Melb 2 yrs earlier for better jobs), so already had a great friendship network, family etc to come back to.

    I can't tell you what is the right decision, but I do know many people who move away from qld usually move back (not always, but many do). The positives include:

    - amazing weather. It really is incredible most of the year round. However if you don't cope with heat/humidity, summer will not be your friend.

    - qld is a little more chilled and laid back lifestyle compared to its big city cousins Melb & Sydney

    - generally more affordable housing and living costs, resulting in better lifestyle for families

    - great climate for a healthy active lifestyle.

    - Brisbane is in the midst of some exciting growth and there is plenty to do, great restaurants, events and cultural precincts

    - South you have the Gold Coast, North the Sunshine Coast - either only an hour or so drive making easy wknd family escapes/day trips

    Lots more but I can't think of right now. Clearly I am biased and I love qld. I loved Melbourne too, however just found it much more expensive, busier, a little less friendly and I couldn't cope with the weather 😂. I still love to visit - but am happy with our decision to raise our family in qld.

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    We moved from Canberra to Brisbane with small kids and like the pp we never looked back (okay, there's an occasional blip where I miss Canberra).

    But we also were moving closer to family and friends, not further away. I did leave my mothers group behind though.

    The plus sides of Brisbane are that real estate is a lot cheaper and backyard pools are commonplace. If you're coming from Melbourne and used to those prices, then you'll probably be able to afford a nicer place in Brissie with a pool (if you want one).

    Its almost never cold. That can be a good thing or a bad. It gets a bit windy and cool in August but nothing compared to down south. The heat can get tough over Summer, especially in February, but if you have a pool then its no problem.

    I also like Brisbane's generally more chilled out attitude. People don't get as dressed up as down south - again can be a negative or positive depending on your perspective. People are generally pretty easy going and I find Brisbane is in general more friendly than Melbourne or Canberra when it comes to chatting to strangers (or newcomers).

    Although we moved back to be closer to family and friends I've actually drifted away from my old friends and made lots of wonderful new friends at my children's school (I still love my old friends we just don't get much chance to catch up). Everyone has been so friendly that making friends was easy.

    I love the theme parks on the Gold Coast. We are serious theme park fans. You can get an annual pass for not much more than a single entry ticket and then visit as much as you like. We alternate which pass we get an annual pass for each year so we don't get too bored. From Brisbane to Dreamworld/Movie world is only about an hour drive and Seaworld is not much further on. Aussie World and Australia Zoo are about an hours drive in the other direction. And the Sunshine Coast is great for a day trip. And then you have the hinterland - Gold or Sunshine Coast. Great bush walks, devonshire teas, love it.

    We never ever get bored on weekends here. There's just so much to do. I know there is in Melbourne too - but if you want convincing that Qld is great, well be assured that it has plenty to occupy a family as well, especially if you love outdoor stuff.

    Good luck with your decision!


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