Good Afternoon Ladies :-)

My name is Jackie and I am 29 TTC bub #1 for 18 mths, have had 6 cycles of Clomid and currently in the TWW for cycle #2 of IUI. I am currently 9dpIUI and the strangest thing happened last night!

Last night I was woken to terrible heartburn and then the urge to vomit - I then spent hours vomiting, but not continuously. I feel nauseous still today and have only been able to eat dry crackers and toast etc.

Of course I immediately think OMG MORNING SICKNESS (but in the middle of the night) haha but then when I took a HPT earlier it was negative (typical)

Just wondering whether it is at all possible, or whether anyone else has experienced symptoms like the above (if thats what they were) prior to getting a positive HPT???

Looking forward to 'meeting' some of you :-) Its been a long and lonely road to this point

x Jackie x