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    Quote Originally Posted by AdornedWithCats View Post
    My ds is like this (almost 22 months). It's usually him trying to communicate something. We find he usually throws his plate etc when he has had enough/bored, or when he wants us to help him eat or he is thirsty.

    He throws toys when he is tired or wants attention. Childcare have had a similar problem so they have gotten him to throw bean bags. We also have some balls that we can play with together.

    You could try turning on some music and dancing, piggie back rides, peekaboo/hide n seek style games to use up a bit of energy. Or get him to "help" with what you are doing (putting things away in drawers, rubbish in bin, sweeping, dishes, load washing machine etc) - ds wants to join in with everything at the moment.

    Your ds isn't feral and you haven't done anything wrong. At this age they struggle with communication but can understand well and are becoming more independent. Try to avoid overreacting if you can - I find ds will do things more if he knows it gets your attention. At this age any attention is good, even if you are upset with them!
    Thank you so much! These are great 😀 it all seems so obvious lol I think I just got to the point where I he no idea what to do lol
    The reasons you have given for throwing toys and his plate sounds very true. Now that I'm not 'in the moment' it's all happening at certain times. I'd say it's mainly attention Wilhelm he's throwing toys because he's getting told not to.

    Thank you. He's my little feral haha. I love him to bits but yeah I think he's pushing my buttons so I'm losing my cool when i try so many things and nothing works lol
    Thank you again 😀

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    Good luck! I've found it a very difficult age so far...we have started setting more boundaries and try to give him more control over his life (choosing clothes for example) but sometimes we forget that he wants to do things independently.

    Eta. Oh they do know how to push our buttons! Lol. They are testing boundaries...totally normal though annoying. I think we just need to be consistent.


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