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    Quote Originally Posted by Cue View Post
    Emotional regulation is really hard at this age. If he's feeling realy overwhelmed with anger it's not surprising that he's showing some repetitive behavior. I'm not an expert or anything so if you're worried, of course mention it to your clinic nurse or GP.

    Maybe look into some strategies to manage the tantrums/anger rather than focusing on the word repetition. It's great that he can articulate how he was feeling retrospectively, it shows he has some understanding of the emotion so you can probably work with that.

    From what I have heard from friends with boys that are 4/5yo, they have all said it's a very emotional age. My DS is only 15mo and my 4yo DD hasn't been much of a tantrum-thrower so I've been lucky so far!
    Carrying on from this, I've heard there's a testosterone surge for boys at 4, maybe that's why they seem emotional and have a hard time regulating their emotions. I think the book 'Raising boys' discusses it.

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    it is hard but I had nephews that never did this. The time out method supernanny method helped greatly.

    I also have a daughter and the super nanny technique worked too. The most we have had to use it is 6 times in the last 3 yrs. We began at aged 2yrs.

    We used a time out mat in the room but out of view of the TV it works wonders.

    You could try that, if you don't want to buy the book I can tell you the method if that's something you want to try.

    4yr olds love to test the water to see how far they can push you to see if you will crumble and give in. Is there any other things that you have given in to?? He might see whineing as a way to get you to crumble to this too.

    Just trying to cover all bases.



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