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    Default Toddler bed

    Our 20 month old still does not sleep through the night. He will wake once or twice a night and is still sleeping in his cot. We r expecting bubs no.2 end of January.
    I'm just wondering if moving him to a toddler /single bed will help him sleep thru the night?? What r ppls experiences?

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    Hi, is he waking to come in your bed? Or just waking in general and falling back asleep in the cot? My dd at around 19 months started crying hysterically when we put her to bed in her cot and then would eventually fall asleep all to wake up at around the same time each night and want to come to our bed. After almost a week we went out and got her a single bed. We made such a big deal bought her new sheets and let her pick out a doon (Minnie mouse of course) from night 1 she slept right through no problems and loved it. We also got sides too. Not saying it will help your Lo but I guess there's no harm in trying considering you have number 2 arrive. Best of luck


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