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    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    It may just be that I'm exhausted at 4.30 but I agree with you. It can be super frustrating to consistently give advice that is knocked down, criticised and ignored. We are only trying to help and provide another perspective. I think the OPs anxiety is often mentioned bc it seems to permiate through and be at the root of her issues.
    Yes, and it has been for nearly two years now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciDahling View Post
    I had no intention of being rude just frustrated yet again that you post these threads and avoid any advice that means you have to DO something.
    Yep this. Sorry heartstringz but I have also noticed this and I avoid your threads like the plague as I get frustrated. Every piece of advice is always too hard and there's always an excuse as to why it won't work. You're an adult, sometimes we have to drive through roundabouts and deal with annoying driving instructors. Sometimes our kids are going to cry and you'll have to rock them to sleep. Sometimes kids will throw food on the floor instead of eating it. Sometimes our kids will fall over and we will end up in ER because we are worried sick we've damaged them for life.

    I'm sorry but I feel as though you will never get anywhere if there is always a sad and sorry excuse for why it's so hard. We all have to get on with life. I have PND and am now a single parent. Things are so freaking hard it's not funny trying to sort my life out, but moping around making excuses for why I can't improve my situation isn't going to benefit me or my son.

    It's time to start adulting and taking control of your own happiness.

    Also, see another GP. Medication has improved my outlook on life 110%. Your little boy deserves to be a child, and he needs to have a calm and healthy Mummy who will pick him up when he falls and hold him tight and make it all better. All they need is love.

    Good luck OP.

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    Thanks for trying to help everyone.
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