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    Default She Wont whinging/ Crying!?!?

    Okay So She Doesn't literally Cry all the time, But My 18 month old Cries/ whinges for a good 80% of the Time she is awake.
    At this Time she is sleeping 10 - 11 hours a night, and has a 1 - 3 hour nap during the day. Getting a little fussy with eating but eating enough to satisfy hunger, still having bottles of milk, so I guess that tops her up.
    she is constantly whinging to watch "paw, paw" a.k.a paw patrol.... And as much as I dont want her to watch it again, its the only way I get anything done.
    Also, she hates being dressed and wearing nappies I'm trying to toilet train her, but she hates/refuses to sit on the toilet/potty....
    She is my #4... And you'd think I know what to do by now....
    But every baby I different... I'm trying everything I can, when I can...
    But I came here maybe for some fresh, unique ideas, from mums who have experienced similar.... So Thanks For Reading! And Take Care 😊

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    This is just my input and feel free to ignore stuff you don't feel comfortable with.

    Drop the milk bottles/reduce them to just bedtime.

    It's ok for kids to whinge .... But when you give in to their whinging it shows them that whiney whinging works. Ignore it. It sucks at the beginning but it's a long term gain.

    Get her to pick her clothes out. Offer her choice of nappy or knickers. But she has to pick one or she goes straight back to bed with no breakfast. 2-3 days stuck in bed all day worked for my two in solving the getting dressed issue.

    I shamelessly use food as bribery. The kids don't get breakfast till beds are made and they are dressed for the day. No lunch till all toys put away. Etc.

    Same with toileting. Wee before meals. Then wash hands. Then food. Dont make a big deal of it just insert it into your routine.


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