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    Default 6 month old help!!

    I have read the other threads but as everyone knows, every baby is different.
    I am studying full time at home (which is impossible). I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old.
    From 4 weeks I established an awesome night time routine. Baby could be put in the bassinet at 7pm and settle himself to sleep. This took 2 nights of controlled crying to establish. By 3 months he was sleeping great. On his best nights he would sleep until 3.30am without a peep.

    He has always been a catnapper during the day. It drives me crazy! 20 minutes at a time.

    Anyway, here we are at 6 months and my once great sleeping baby has turned into waking ALL THE TIME. I am so sleep deprived and in desperate need of some advice! He has a dummy and I'm thinking that this is the main culprit. As soon as his dummy is put back in he will fall back asleep. This wouldn't bother me if it was a couple of times a night but sometimes he is waking several times an hour! I have tried taking his dummy away for day sleeps to get him used to settling himself without it but its a war zone. He will scream for an hour until silly me gives in and gives it back to him!

    I have never heard a baby scream as loudly as mine. He honestly seems like he will cry himself to death!! which is why I give in so easily.

    Any advice would be awesome!!!! Do I just let him cry it out? or is there another way?

    (his routine is 7pm, put into his cot and falls asleep easily without assistance. 9pm until 3.30am is constant waking. 3.30am bottle. Stirs until he is awake and ready for the day at 5am)

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    Some ideas....

    A dream feed may work for you? Get him up at 10.30 and feed (lights off, change nappy straight back to bed. No talking to him)

    Get rid of the dummy, start weaning during day time naps.

    Only attend to him if he is really really crying, if it's just a grizzle then try at let him to self settle. If he is screaming try patting him on the bottom and saying "shhh shh" quite loudly. Then leave for a few minutes and come back and do it again. People think this is control crying but if they are just grizzlies it's actually comforting them.

    Music and white noise can be quite good but bit all the time as it will become a sleep association and then he will only be able to sleep with music.

    Good luck!

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    Is he teething? Try panadol.

    My eldest went thru a massive sleep regression 6.5-9mths. Woke every 40min. But I'm a go with the flow person so we just rode it out by bedsharing. She was a pretty good day sleeper so the nights never bothered me that much.


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