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    Default How to lose weight

    I'm wanting to lose about 8 kgs and tone up.
    But I have no idea on what diets/foods to eat and avoid and exercises.
    I'm not the person who would go to the gym.
    What's some tips or advice on how to start?

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    Definitely walk. I'm doing 5km most days...or any sport u enjoy etc.

    Food wise watch your portion sizes and eat simple food, don't try and make it too complex.

    For example.... This is a typical days eating for me....

    Breakfast I'll have porridge with banana, blueberries and honey or all bran with banana. Rye toast with egg and / or avocado is good too.Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day.

    Lunch is usually a rye salad sandwich or a salad or fruit salad or left over dinner from the night before

    Dinner is just your regular family meals but keep your portion size SMALL...so I have a stir fry, lasagna, steak and veg - just regular meals.

    Don't deny yourself anything. If u feel like a treat reward yourself on the weekend. I try and eat really strict during the week and relax on the weekends a bit.

    Good luck

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    A golden rule is that you can't out-exercise a bad diet. A mistake a lot of people make is to ramp up the exercise like crazy which only stimulates the appetite and they end up eating more than they did before.

    I would focus on diet first and add in some exercise once you feel that is under control. It's totally possible to lose weight without exercise but it will make it faster (and is very good for you). Find something you enjoy, it shouldn't feel like a chore.

    Without knowing anything about u it's impossible to recommend the best changes to make to your diet. I would say eliminate all processed food and stick to whole foods - loads of green vegetables, other vegetables and fruits, eggs, lean meat & fish, a little full fat dairy (ie natural yoghurt, not that fat free garbage), some raw nuts and whole grains in moderation if you tolerate them. Watch your portion sizes especially when it comes to grains, starches, nuts, dairy, fruit and meat. Try to keep your evening meals light - ie poached chicken and salad, grilled fish and green Veges etc.

    Don't fall for the diet foods trap. Those foods offer poor nutrition and as such you will end up feeling dissatisfied and end up wanting or eating more. I also think treats are fine but if you know you have poor self control then its possibly a good idea to avoid them completely for at least 4-6 weeks to get used to not having them - you'll be surprised at how you won't miss them after a few weeks! Instead find healthy treat alternatives - some fresh berries with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, a small portion of 70% cacao chocolate, 2-3 medjool dates etc.

    This method will be easier to stick to in the long term, and you can eat a wide variety of food without feeling deprived. You don't need to count calories etc. It also helps to train your tastebuds so you stop craving unhealthy foods - which makes it much easier! Good luck 😊

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    Default How to lose weight

    It's hard to advise without knowing what you usually eat in a day.

    You can lose weight without exercise but would find it difficult to lose the weight with exercise alone. Having said that, exercise is always good. I currently walk 5km 5 nights a week and 3 gym sessions.

    Without knowing you usual diet, I would suggest to eat more protein to fill you up and veges.

    Breakfast could be an omelette, lunch a salad with tuna and dinner could be chicken/fish and veges.

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    Start a food diary. Be honest with it.


    Find someone to guide you. I have a pt and I love it.


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