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    Default The age old pregnyl and hpt question...

    Yes, I know I should just wait. And that I am a fool. But patience isnt my virtue (despite my name!)

    I had a pregynl 5000 trigger 11 days ago. I am 9-10 dpo (prob more likely 10). No boosters.

    I have not tested it out completely as we have been away. Below are the tests I have taken:

    First was 6 days post trigger (4-5dpo) which I did as comparison. It was done pm.

    Second is one at lunch today ..six hour hold. Figured it was a lot fainter and coming out of my system.

    Third is this evening...I generally test darker at night...but now it has dried it is nearly as dark as the 6dpo one which confuses me. Shouldn't it be coming out of my system by now? Or could this be the real deal?

    So what are your experiences with the trigger and it leaving your system (with no boosters)? I know I need to just wait it out but I am so curious
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