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    Good luck @Sue77 - it certainly sounds like the wheels are in motion for your take home baby !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue77 View Post
    Hi Lovely ladies ! gosh this thread moves fast man!! From whatever I could catch up , it's lovely to see so many good news ... It's very encouraging and brings positivity to the whole thread ..

    Heartiest congratulations to our dear Tahli , Corbes and Midnite 01 for the fantastic results

    Congrats Caseardust for being pupo for a bfp

    Charlie 74 hope your cycle is progressing well with LBand good luck for your scan and bloods on wed... I'm going to join u soon....

    Blossom 74, Summer, Winsor, infinity 888 , Greydove.. How are u doing lovelies?

    JulieMalooley , Chiefsgirl.. So good to hear that you are progressing well..

    Blondeinbrisvegas .. Saw the pics of your backyard.. Must say some amazing efforts have been put there.. It is beautiful

    Sorry if I missed anyone A big to all.


    After a very strong attack of unusual hayfever accompanied by chest infection , I am feeling slightly better after taking strong oral steroids for 3 days..

    My update of Wazza appt. :

    That man is really thorough and knows his stuff. After seeing our Looong history, he said he would like to try a agonist/ antagonist crossover cycle where u start with a down reg and then add antagonist in as well. That was new to me. He said if I do a cycle with him it would me 125 menopur one day and 125 gonalf one day. He also mentioned including the lipodal flush with the scratch, increasing the prednisolone to 25 mg, clexane to 60 mg , intralipids and Feldene. These are for implantation I think. He def suggested pgd and believes that all of the above are enough to treat the natural killer cells and aid implantation.

    When we asked abt the Hla match ( The partial da alpha match ) as found out by Nick Lolatgis , he said he didn't believe much in that and especially the LIT therapy which dr Nick does , comes with some associated risks... Plus all the things he will put me on are enough for implantation....He believes that the embryo quality needs to be improved even though we got normal pgd embies which didn't stick twice ( he gave us his lists of supplements .. are they helpful BIB ? ) ... He said rather than blindly thinking abt surrogacy due to do alpha match , work needs to be done on quality as well. And then he said every doc has his own ways, dr nick is too much into immune stuff .. ..... So it gets a bit confusing as he doesn't think da alpha match hinders implantation and can be overcome without LIT...

    We are meeting LB tomorrow as we are doing a cycle with her. She is doing a down reg this time as she has done 3 antagonist cycles on me . She wanted to see if she can getter better results. I have been on the pill since the 24th. Meeting my nurse tomorrow as well to take all the instructions.... We won't be transferring as we want to do pgd. We wanted to do this cycle before year end as I have had I full cycle and 2 frozens this year, so this one gets slightly we could hopefully bank some embies to transfer next year or send them overseas for surrogacy... ( so confused at this stage .. So I am trying not to think and just do the cycle at this stage) Another option I was thinking is transferring my embies to dr Wazza in qld , having another fresh cycle with him and then keep transferring if we get enough. Will see what LB has to say tomorrow abt implantation. I am taking my results from dr M in Sydney abt the natural killer cells and the dq alpha tests from Dr nick . I will ask , what her opinion is in regards to them as she never used any strong immune protocol on my 4 fet with her ( 2 out which were pgd normal) which I really feel bad about that they were not given the best chance to implant.

    I dont just just want to make blasts or normal blasts , but also give them the best environment to stick. This journey has been stretched over years and years for us, but I m trying to remain positive . I don't want to lose hope as long as we are making blasts.. Honestly girls.. You guyz are a saviour , don't know what I would do without you as no one understands as good as all of u do... Thanks again for reading my very long post ..
    Wow!! There's a lot to think about there Luv!! Am glad he was able to offer you some alternatives too. The drug protocol he want's to put you on is very similar to what I did with him. I also had the Lipoidal Flush/Endo scratch on Cycle 4 and just the Endo Scratch on Cycle 5.

    Yes, I do believe the supplements helped to maximise my egg and DP's sperm quality in our case. I know for a fact that DP's sperm when Wazza TESA'd him on Cycle 4 was slightly better quality than it was in Cycle 1 when he was TESA'd the first time by my original FS. The Embryologist I spoke with told me as he was one who dealt with DP's sperm the first time and happened to be at the lab on the day DP had the second lot retrieved (labs in 2 different locations). I think it also helped with my egg quality in combination with the fact that on my last Cycle we also had that element of luck in getting sperm and egg together to make a healthy embryo that was transferred into a healthy environment I will say that you have to take them for a minimum of at least 3 months to reap the full benefits.

    I didn't know he had that opinion regarding HLA matches/LIT therapy as I know he does believe in Immune Issues but obviously it's to a point where he believes the intrallipids, clexane, prednisone, baby aspirin etc will be enough to overcome those difficulties. He's right in saying every FS etc has their own ways as you well know

    Yes...I think you're on the right path just concentrating on Cycling and banking PGD normal embryo's for now. Whether to go o/seas for surrogacy can be determined later on. See what LB says as I've read on other threads that she is now incorporating Intrallipids for certain patients...must of started to bow down to the pressure!!!

    And definitely see what Dr M says about the results. At the end of the day, he's the Specialist in Immune Reproduction though he's not a FS. Perhaps there will be a happy medium regarding a best treatment plan for transfer later on down the track if you go that way??

    Yes...most definitely you could transfer your embryo's up to Wazza and do a Cycle with him if you wanted to, though I do know he Cycles remotely with women who live interstate/regional QLD etc. Usually IVF Aust who I think is the parent company to QFG would allow you to come in and do scans at your nearest centre and BT's etc with them. They would then send the results to Wazza who would make adjustments as you go then you'd fly up for a final scan/BT with him prior to EPU then either stay on for transfer or fly in again 5 days later???

    You could always call the Admin Girls out the front or email Wazza's FN to find out details of how the Remote Cycling works with him. Mind you, it would be good if LB would let you use the Meopur/Gonal F combination this Cycle that Wazza wants you to use?? I know a lot of FS don't believe in splitting the doses and alternating days like he does, but it could be worth a shot to ask??

    Anyhoo.... and prayers being sent for lots of lovely embryo's to send of for testing and at least a few good one's for the freezer!!!

    Am so glad you're feeling better Luv. Thanks for giving us all an update and make sure you keep us posted when you can about how this Cycle goes and how you get on when you see Dr M!!!!
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    Hi girls, I've booked my blood tests, intralipids, week 6 viability scan with LB, week 8 scan with my OB (thus hospital is chosen too). Absolutely getting ahead of myself!
    I ended up choosing an OB from my local private hospital. I want it to feel homely. I guess I can meet with my chosen OB & if we don't hit it off go with some-one else. I just needed to jump in & choose some-one so I can create some quiet in my mind.
    If there's two sacs at the scan that's not booked in yet, when my bloods reach 1000, then the game plan may change.
    I just hope like nothing else that this little poppet/s hold on. Stick little one/s, stick!!
    I wanted to pass along a piece of advice I just received. LB said recent studies have shown Vit E can cause heart defects in babies, so to stop taking it soon as you get your bfp. I'll start taking fish oil for babies brain development instead.

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    Hop over here to your new thread.


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