Hi everyone,

I have recently gone through my second round of IVM (the first was negative). I was just wondering what HCG Levels should be?

I have tried to do research on the internet and I know that the level should increase between 50% - 60% in 48 - 72 hours but I had a test done 12 days after the transfer (26/10/2015) and my level was 30 ... so they sent me for another test 48 hours later and it came in at 55 ... now I need to go for another test on Monday and the clinic has said that if my level is not around 300 then it's a negative.

But the didn't sound confident (at all) when I talked to them on the phone about this.

I thought my levels were increasing well ... or are they just making it so I don't get my hopes up?

Just feeling a bit exhausted with the situation and wondering if anyone had any feedback?