I was wondering if any other ladies TTC after using the implanon have had the same symptoms as me?
I had my implanon removed on 15/10/2015. Since then I have had lower abdominal cramps and back ache on and off since then. We have BD every few days since the implanon removal.
Last weekend I noticed my CM change to what I believe should be the right condition for near Ovulation. Yesterday I noticed my breasts are a little swollen and sore to touch and feel heavy, still with back ache, but this morning I've been feeling nauseous. I'm so confused with whats going on with my body as I haven't actively TTC before so I'm all new to tracking my cycles. I thought I may be currently ovulating due to the cramping but the tender breasts and nausea has me stumped, I normally have longish cycles (30-32)
so I thought theres no way I could be getting my period yet. It would be too early to be pregnant as well? Any idea on what could possibly be going on with my body or is my body just working itself out still and I should be expecting a period in the next few weeks?