Hi all,

I recently came off the pill (beginning of September) after being on it for nearly 10 years. The first month was a 27 day cycle and I was expecting something similar this month but only had a 19 day cycle.

I know that it's only very early on still (from coming off the pill) and my cycle before the pill varied between 3-6 weeks in length, but I think I ovulated at the right time for a 27 day cycle. I haven't been temping yet, but I was keeping an eye on my cm and it was ew consistency at cd13 and the previous month was about the same.

The only thing I can think of that may have caused the early arrived of AF is that on cd17 I had 3 wisdom teeth removed and as I had it done in the chair, I was awake for the entire process. (Do not recommend this!)

I guess my question is, can stress cause AF to turn up early? Or is it possible that I may ovulate at the same time each month, but AF will just keep turning up at different times?

Sorry for the long post. I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole situation as most of our friends have fallen pregnant first try and I feel like my body is already making things difficult!