Soooo.... its been a very long time. Like 6 years. I have been trying to convince DH for at least 5 years to have another baby. VERY long story. It has caused me immense pain and I've tried everything. But we're finally there. He understands this isn't going away and he has finally agreed. I'm so happy that I'm shaking, but I'm so bloody nervous!!

DH has said "now or never" so it looks like we're just going to crack on. I have some questions around my cycle that I hope some of you very clever ladies might be able to answer:

I stopped taking the pill after only 4 pills of my new strip. My AF finished on Sat 10th Oct and I started my new strip that day. The week leading up to AF I missed three pills so took 2 x pills in a row for 2 days to catch up. Dumb, I know but I've done this tons of times. I was expecting to have a messed up AF but it was a very normal AF. But then on Tuesday 13th I had some light pink spotting. Not sure why. Little bit on Wed too as I was still taking my new pills. On Wed I took my pill again but on Thursday I was feeling WEIRD (emotional, tired, hormonal - pregnant, actually) so I stopped taking them thinking I need to get off them. I was planning to get a Mirena anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

On Fri 16th started bleeding, lots. Withdrawal I guess. This has been starting and stopping and has started again today.

Where am I in my cycle do you guys think? I guess its hard to say but should I be counting from the first day of my withdrawal bleeding... or should I just wait for things to regulate and get my next AF? I am pretty in tune with my body so I think I'll know when I'm ovulating. I'm just after some other peoples experiences/ advice on coming off the pill mid-pack/ timing etc.