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    Hi @ATsydney. I'm glad to hear u went with ur gut! Took me 3 years to be comfortable with my treatment plan and so happy I didn't go with the the first thing suggested to me, I would only have part of my ovaries left!

    I don't remember that procedure but one that stood out when I was researching was draining and flushing the cyst with ethanol. My surgeon said they used that procedure ages ago but rarely these days however it's making a comeback as it works better than all the newer procedures. It's still popular in Europe. Have a look into that and discuss with ur surgeon. I'll pm u with my surgeon dets, there are some things I liked abt him and some I didn't so prefer to discuss privately. He is very qualified though, he trains other surgeons. I also have another recommendation in Melbourne, his surgical skills are supposed to be amazing, he can do a lap with only one cut instead of 3!

    I couldn't do ivf without surgery cos they couldn't get to my ovaries due to my cysts, 12cms on one side and 7 on the other. It was my only option if I wanted to do ivf which I did after over a year of trying naturally with no luck. But, like u, I also don't believe that cysts reduce ur success rate. My cysts were still 6cms and 3cms during ivf and it still worked for me! You can have ur cysts drained vaginally but due to size of mine and risk of excess blood leaking all over my insides my best option was a lap. Also, was keen to see how bad the endo was. It also never showed up on scans but it's rare that it does and cos of the size of my cysts and the pain I was in doc thought it would be rampant. Turns out there was hardly any which is good to know so the doc could stop using that as a reason for infertility. I was taking serrapeptase and nattokinase and bee propolis tho and was on the endo diet so not sure if that helped with clearing up the endo. U should look into that. Before i started that I would be in tears from the endo pain but that stopped abt a month or two after staring the diet and supps. I did stop them during ivf though as wasn't sure if it was ok and did acupuncture instead which I loved. Have u tried acupuncture to help with ur follicles?

    How abt other things to improve ur response? I've heard of melatonin, growth hormone, aspirin, viagra. Maybe exhaust those options before surgery? And maybe it's worth trying with one mature egg? It's quality not quantity at the end of the day and it has only taken one for some. I'll do some research for u and see what I can find in the Euro journals. I'll pm u x

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    I'm happy for you to PM me if you'd like. I have very extensive endo and adenomyosis which is both incredibly painful and lead to difficulties in TTC. I've had 3 laps so far and will need another one before TTC again. Having endo practically everywhere really impeded implantation for me and caused 3 miscarriages. I have been lucky enough to have 2 little munchkins and am going through IVF again soon to try for number 3.
    It's a tough journey IVF alone, let alone with extra issues. Happy if you'd like to PM me about dr's or treatment options.
    All the best.

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    Hi jess03. How is your specialist planning on helping the adeno?
    I'm booked in for another lap in Nov and will be getting a mirena for 6-9 months. This is meant to help shrink the uterus back down so we can go back to ttc #2 naturally. I know other women do Zolodex before IVF for a few months for similar reasons.

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    Default Low AMH with endo - should I have a laparoscopy straight away?

    Hi everyone ~ this is my first post so please bear with me but I hope I can offer another perspective.

    I had a son naturally in 2014 & we started TTC for #2 when he turned one but 8 months later after no success I went to the docs to investigate an issue I was having with my period. After discovering a number of cysts on my ovaries (one that contained blood i.e. a choc cyst ~ classic endo symptom) she referred me to an endo specialist (ES) who took all of 5 mins to diagnose endo (after a consultation & examining me internally for literally a couple of secs) & he scheduled my 1st lap 2 weeks later to see what was happening. He explained that if it was mild to moderate, he would remove as much as he could and then we could tackle the pregnancy issue. I also have a very low AMH 3.6 the last time it was checked (2013) but remember I was blessed with a beautiful boy shortly after I turned 34!

    The extent of my endo was so bad, I was put on Zoladex for 3 months to suppress it's growth & a 2nd lap was arranged for Feb this year. I was warned that I may lose both fallopian tubes which meant IVF was the only option so I was prepared for the worst case scenario going into surgery. Unfortunately it turned out I had stage 4, it was so severe my reproductive organs were literally stuck together ~ I've seen the photos and x2 ES/FS removed as much as they could.

    The good news was that they were able to save my tubes however one was too badly affected by the endo to be of any use. Ironically on the good tube side, there was a endometrioma cyst on my ovary & it was drained/ removed (I can't quite remember).

    The ES/FS advised we should start IVF immediately to have the best chance of pregnancy but I sought a 2nd opinion. The next ES/FS (at the same clinic) suggested that because I had conceived previously (whilst having such severe endo) my issue may be more 'structural' than fertility related so we decided to try for our 2nd miracle naturally for 2 months (the ES/FS would only allow 2 months before going onto IVF).

    Unfortunately on both occasions I ovulated on my right side (the blocked tube side!) so IVF it was. I've just finished my first cycle & find out next week if it's a BFP!

    I don't know if it's coincidence but the left ovary (good tube side!) didn't produce any follicles whilst I stimmed so now I feel there's a chance that the surgery may have damaged it but only another IVF cycle will tell.

    Do I have an egg quantity or quality issue, an ovary issue, who knows but you have to trust the people that are looking after you. I don't have much time on my side so personally I was prepared to do anything to conceive. Did I make the right decision, who knows...

    Sorry for the novel but if it helps someone then I'm happy with that.

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