Hi everyone! I'm new here but really looking for some advice!
I have been on the pill for a good ten yrs. Had unprotected sex 22nd sept and realised later I had missed a pill the next day! Due for breakthrough bleeding on 29th sept but it didn't happen... Had a small blob of brown jelly mucus (sorry for the detail!) on the 2nd Oct which may have been implantation as it was ten days after sex! No other bleeding though. My doc put me straight on elevit just in case, told me to stop taking the pill and gave me a blood test (negative). Since like 3 days after sex I've had ALL the signs... Nausea, cramping, bloating, sore bigger boobs, bigger darker and sore nipples, really bad dizziness and exhaustion!!! My lower abdomen has changed shape where I now have kind of defined muscles around what should be my uterus!! And my IBS has flared up badly!!
On my last dr visit she pretty much laughed in my face and was really rude and said if the tests are negative I'm imagining it!! I was so upset because of her lack of professionalism and empathy!! She very reluctantly gave me a form for another blood test which I have yet to get done.
I'm now two weeks since implantation (if that's what it was) and I've done so many hpts all negative!!!!!
So.... Am I pregnant, crazy, having hormonal issues or just an IBS flare up???