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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood View Post
    I think that girls should have that talk before their first period, so that they fully understand fertility before they become fertile themselves. So I guess around 10 if they haven't asked about it.

    The latest I would leave it with boys is 13, right about the time puberty hits.
    Yes!! My nan was quite open with me about periods, and I knew about s3x from probably around 6, possibly younger. However, my nan never actually explained to me that having your period = being able to fall pregnant. It wasnt until I asked when I was about 11 or 12 that she actually explained that to me. I got my first period when I was 9. A year older than my dd is now.

    S3x is an open topic in our house. We don't see the point in making it a taboo subject, or shying away from the topic. I would much rather our girls know the facts rather than hear school yard gossip. I want them to be comfortable talking about it to me. Same with puberty. I mean, we have a house full of girls apart from dh, its a topic that will inevitably be a common thing! It also depends on the child. Dd1 has always been wise beyond her years and asks questions that most kids her age probably wouldn't even consider. She asks questions so we answer honestly. Dd2 on the other hand is much more resvered with stuff like that. She will ask about something if it sparks her interest but s3x and puberty hasnt even appeared on her radar yet really, unlike dd1 at the same age. She will ask when she is ready to learn.

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    I think when they ask. However, DD is nearly 7 and ive already started to talk about periods as i got mine when i was 10. I want her to know whats happening if she is like me and gets it very early.

    DS is nearly 5 and just started asking about how babies come out etc.

    Ive always answered as honestly and directly as possible without giving too much detail.

    I think we know our kids better than anyone and know what they can handle without getting over whelmed or confused and what they cant.


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