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    I've never been much of a yeller until recently, since becoming pregnant hormonal and tired... now I'm finding it escalate and I'm getting really concerned about the impact it could be having on DD (nearly 4).

    Last night as I lay in bed I spent a long time thinking about my actions of the day (it was a particularly challenging one), and about what was setting me off, it's basically about DDs habit of ignoring me when I ask her to do something eg brush teeth, get dressed, put shoes on etc. I
    These things sometimes take forever and wouldn't get done at all if I didn't raise my voice or grab her. But last night after a hard day when I was tired, I remembered shouting at DD when she ignored me asking her to put her pjs on before bed. She talked over the top of me and wandered into the front room. I saw red and yelled so loudly to the point she cried and said "you're making me sad mummy"... it wasn't til much later I realised she wanted to go and have one more look at the rainbow outside that had formed after a nasty storm (which scared the cr@p out of us both). Then I felt really bad. 😢

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moxy View Post
    No advice but definitely sympathy. I yell a lot. Too much. And I hate it.

    I find 1,2,3 wines is far more effective ������
    This made me laugh. I knew you were joking I have a glass of wine probably 4 nights a week. Having grown up around alcoholism I could never do that to my kids but I actually think seeing parents that have 1 or 2 then stop teaches moderation and self control.

    But anyhoo back to the OP. I never hit my kids but I take ownership I can be a yeller. But it's not abusive to them, calling them names etc. it's more "CAN YOU PLEASE STOP RUNNING AROUND, YOU KNOW I'M TRYING TO SETTLE THE BABY" or "CAN YOU PLEASE STOP DOING THAT?!". I've found my own time out helps immensely. Going and having a salt bath, going for a walk outside, venting to DH if he isn't at work.

    When we know better we do better. Bad parents don't recognise things need to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyflower View Post
    Feel better now ?

    I am the daughter of an alcoholic father. I found it a bit strange that you actually took issue with Moxy's comment. You honestly couldn't see it was said in a lighthearted manner? I also feel like telling people that they are "getting p!ssed" and that their children won't like it was taking aim at those of us who as responsible adults like a drink and really, not your place. No one said that getting sloshed was the best way to deal with misbehaving children.
    I realise your comment came from an honest place and you meant well in your own way; I have a bit of a sarcastic and silly sense of humour at times and was just being jokey.
    It did make me feel better, actually, since you asked. I've had a rotten week and I like that even in my darkest hour I can still find my sense of humour.

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