Hi ladies,

i am new to this part of the forum and am writing on behalf of my SIL. if anyone could please help me so I can help her.

has anyone ever dealt with or seen the Ivf specialist Dr Shlomi Buch Barak in Melbourne? would like to hear your thoughts on him and if u felt he was good? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

my bro will need an Ivf specialist that specialises in disability. My bro was recently involved in a car accident which left him paralysed, so he's a paraplegic and needs a top Ivf specialist that can assist with this type of injury to enable him the best possible chance of fathering kids.

He he was about to see this Dr. Barak but was then told by someone he is not very good. So am looking for feedback or any recommendations of a top ivf specialist within Melbourne that can work with my bro and help his case.

I appreciate your help ladies. Thanks for your time.