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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarylee View Post
    Here's my thoughts...
    Life is so short! We have one journey on this earth that is solely ours. We each have individual dreams and aspirations. What brings imense happiness to one person may be completely different to another and that what makes us who we are. I will never be disappointed in my children's life choices (disregarding illegal activity etc). I want to raise them with the knowledge that they can be anything. And if things don't work out that way you can find a way to make it work down a different path. Their journey is their journey, just as mine is mine.. And yours is yours. So no, if my daughter or son fulfilled their desire to be a stay at home parent I would never be disappointed.

    And that stands true with my 4 year olds desire to be garbage truck driver ������
    Brilliant post.

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    As a working mum who would rather be a SAHM but doesn't have that choice, I would definitely NOT be disappointed if my daughter chose to be a SAHM if she financially had that option. I will always support all of my children in any decisions they make. I will however always try to teach her how important it is to not be 100% reliant on anybody else and always have something to fall back on if things did not go to plan. If things didn't go to plan, I will always be there to help her get back up if she falls down, as I would with all of them. To me, parenting is not a job that finishes when your children become adults. They will always have me to back them up.

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    In short, no. Nor would I be disappointed in my son if he chooses to be a SAHP.

    I think being at home with your kids is awesome. I think going back to work is awesome. I think doing what YOU want to do is awesome. I'm a SAHM, and I don't judge mums who stay home, who work because they want to or work because they have to. We are all just parents doing what works best for our families, and each family has different wants and needs.

    So if either of my kids stays home, I'd support them. If they work, I'd support them. The only thing I would have a problem with is if they were forced to do either by their partner and weren't happy.

    I would however, like them to have some skills behind them. Whether that be in admin, apprenticeship, or marine biologist! I had a varied career for about 18 years before having my kids, so I know if things went south with DH, or something happened to him, I have skills to fall back on and could get a job in one of my skill areas reasonably quickly. I'd like them to have the same just because you never know what could happen in the future.

    I know my Mother judges my decision to have kids (I had them late, but in my 20's she told me I was smart for not having them). So I would assume she judges me for staying home. But she's judged me my whole life and that's why I don't have much to do with them anymore. That and she obviously regrets having us! I don't want that relationship with my kids.

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