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    Default Toilet training - help!

    DS turned 3 in August and we seemed to have toilet training under control. He was remembering to go to the toilet and rarely having wet pants. Poos are fine unless he's wearing his night nappy and he's more than happy to poo in his nappy if he's wearing it, despite being reminded. Now he's going through multiple wet pants daily and seems to just not care. He knows when he needs to go and is more than capable of taking himself to the toilet but he just couldn't be bothered. Today was the final straw for me - he told me he had weed in his pants, but it must have just been a little bit because they looked dry from the outside. I was in the process of asking him why he didn't go to the toilet and he opened the flood gates and peed all over my foot. He knows what to do, knows how to stop himself, just couldn't be bothered. I'm sure there's also an element of attention-seeking behaviour.

    We have had a sticker chart in the past which kind of helped, but his motivation to be lazy is higher than his motivation for stickers. It's so tempting to punish him for being so belligerent but I know that doesn't help.

    On top of this, we've just brought home his baby sister which does not help my tolerance of the problem! The problem pre-dates her arrival though, so it's not necessarily to do with her.

    What should I do? He's getting worse, not better. I'm tempted to just put him back in nappies full time until he decides to behave less like an animal!! I've suggested to him that we had better put him back in nappies and he says he doesn't want to, but keeps on wetting his freaking pants!!

    Any advice or experiences would be so much appreciated...

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    I would just put him back in nappies and try again later. It's really not worth the stress and anxiety. I did that with my son after pushing through for 7 months. He went back into nappies and then we didn't try jocks again until he practically insisted. I was so traumatised that I didn't want to try again until he was determined to do it. Once we tried again, he was great. I think, because he was driving it, not me. Good luck!

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    Honestly, we did enforce consequences.

    DSS hated the shower and would only have a bath. If he wet his pants (WELL after he had been TT'd...he was nearly 6) he had to have a shower.

    This went on for maybe 3 weeks, and since then he has had 2 accidents- during the night when sick.


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