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    Quote Originally Posted by gorgeousgeorge View Post
    Hi i know this is an old thread bit if anyone still gets notifications for it, how do you tell if they are ready? Is there an average age? Or some signs to look for? Im totally fine with waiting and not in a rush to do it. Atm my daughter is only 1 and cant walk but i always take her in to the toilet with me when i go amd she has a potty that she plays with when im on the loo, i also tell her "mummy has to go to the toilet" when we go in and before i flush, i say "ready?" And laigh and we clap when we hear the flush sound so she's not scared if the noise. So im basically trying to familiarise her with using a toilet, potty talk (so to speak🤣), her potty and the flush sound..i also ask her if she has a "kukka/poo" and she will tpuch and pull at her nappy (whether she has one or not, but i think this shows she knows I'm asking her about her nappy/poos). Is there anything else I can be doing to familiarise her. Lol ive tried sitting her on the potty once, but as she cant walk yet, she didn't really like it because she couldnt get up/off it steadily when she wanted to move.
    TIA for any help or suggestions.
    I know i can google this but with stuff like this i really value real life bubhub lady knowledge a lot more!
    Age is different for every kid. My dd1 was showing readiness at 18 months, but then took until she was almost 3 for it to click... She literally just came to us one night and said she needed to go, sat on the potty and that was that. Dd2 on the other hand was 4 before she even showed signs of being ready to try, and it took a good 6 months to encourage her to do a wee and even longer to do a poo. She was terrified of the toilet and potty. Dd3 was 4, we bought her undies for her birthday and she clicked straight away. Dd4 is 4.5 and while she can and does wear undies and use the toilet at Kindy, she refuses to at home and will only wear nappies so still a work in progress there. Dd5 is 2.5 and just starting to show signs.
    That's just daytime. Night time was a whole other ball game.

    The signs I watched for were awareness they needed to go (before they actually went), telling me when they had wet or soiled their nappy almost straight away, asking to use the potty/toiket (even if they didn't actually do anything). I am a big believer in allowing them to work it out in their own time and not pushing the issue. I usually go to the toilet with the door open and they usually come and chat, ask what I'm doing, want to help get the toilet paper and flush it for me. Sounds gross and I don't really like it but I figure it shows them a) how to use the toilet and b) shows them it's not scary or something to be worried about. Also I had books and toys beside the potty so they could sit on it and have something to distract them a bit

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    @SheWarrior thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Will take your advice on board and great idea to put a few books near the toilet.


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