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    Quote Originally Posted by RmumR View Post
    Thats why we are waiting a bit to toilet train our DS its too cold to have no pants or just undies on at home still.
    Once it warms up we'll give it a good go.

    Like when i trained my DD's i will have both the potty and the toilet with a kidseat insert available to him to use.

    He is 2.5 so hopefully he picks it up quickly
    Yeah I think it's just too cold here, it's warming up though.
    That's a good idea, I guess both give him the choice.

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    Default Another toilet training question

    All 3 of mine went straight to the toilet.

    I'm not an expert but I do believe if a child is ready, it will take minimal time and effort. All mine have been ready at different ages.

    2/3 of my kids have taken 3 days or less to be accident free. My youngest stated toilet training last Monday week and no accidents since Wednesday.

    I knew my youngest daughter was ready as she would always tell me she'd done a wee after she did it and then go and sit on the toilet. She would also go and hide to do a poo tell me she had done one and then want to get changed.

    My son refused to wear a nappy one day at 26 months. He wet himself eating breakfast and then just got it.


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