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    Default Ectopic Pregnancy/Methotrexate: My Experience

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to post my experience as it has been a very difficult, emotional time and it would of helped me to see more recent information being shared about this subject so that I may of been diagnosed earlier with an ectopic.

    I was 4-5 weeks pregnant when I went in to see my GP; the blood test showed a HCG level of 160. At this stage I had been producing a pinkish discharge. This level of HCG is not typical of a viable 4-5 week pregnancy.

    The day after my blood test I began to bleed heavily, which was typical of a period for me; clots, lasted 4 days. My GP assumed that I had miscarried and sent me in for an ultrasound the week later as well as a further blood test as it didn't appear to be urgent.

    The ultrasound showed no sign of tissue within my uterus. However, the blood test showed that my HCG level rose to 190. The clinic assured me that the levels would most likely drop and I should not worry for the time being. A week later I had another blood test which showed a HCG level of 191. This wasn't a considerable increase but the levels were not dropping.

    An ectopic pregnancy was yet to be mentioned. I had once again started to bleed by this time. It was a brown colour - I was told that it was old tissue from the pregnancy. The bleeding continued for another two weeks which was when I was told to take a pregnancy test. I took three and they were all positive. Pregnancy tests are highly sensitive to HCG but I went back to the clinic to have another ultra sound and blood test.

    The ultrasound was clear and the blood test results came back with a HCG level of 360. It had now been almost 4 weeks since finding out I was pregnant, and I was finally referred to the hospital for the likelihood of it being an ectopic pregnancy. By this point, I was frightened as the bleeding had not stopped, I wondered why it took so long to diagnose my condition and whether it could of been worse.

    The hospital confirmed the ectopic through a much more thorough ultrasound (blood test HCG level of 210; unsure as to why it dropped), with some bleeding leaking into the pelvis; most likely from the stretching of the fallopian tube however it was not ruptured. [The ultrasound also showed a cyst near my ovary which was not of great concern.] I was given a 75 mg shot of methotrexate; felt a little bit nauseous, was told to be cautious of colicky foods. I was told to come back 4 days later for another blood test.

    On the 4th day I experienced moderate bleeding, some cramping pain/diarrhoea that only lasted a few hours. The HCG results were 138, which was very good news. Currently waiting to return to hospital for the 7th day blood test. Still concerned as to whether the pregnancy has passed through and when the bleeding will subside, as I know there's still the possibility of the tissue remaining in my tube.

    Overall, I am wiser now from this experience and hope that my symptoms may help others diagnose themselves of the possibility of an ectopic before it is too late. I look forward to a healthy pregnancy in the future despite the chances being slightly lowered.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my story

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