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    For us number 3 has always been really easy. We have a 3 year gap between all 3 which is what we hoped for.

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    Number 3 was a surprise baby for us! 2.4 months between the first two and 2.9 months between the second two. The first couple of months was very busy especially as my DS1 was a trying school when No. 3 was born. Trying to get the three of us out the door some days was a struggle but it never felt overwhelming or to hard. He has slotted into our life so perfectly and I love having 3. He is now 4 and I only now have the feeling that I am done. I agonised over having number 4 and felt so sad that I may never have another baby. Now they are 9, 6 & 4 and I have almost finished my first year as a full time midwifery student and know that I am ready to let go. 😊

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    Hi MummyBear, my daughter (our 3rd) turned 4 in July we had 2 sons before her that were close in age so we were apprehensive about throwing a 3rd into the mix but I knew I wanted another baby, hubby took a bit of persuading but we cannot imagine our lives without her, honestly she was the easiest little human and slipped right into our family without any hiccups. We are so blessed to have such a joyous little woman we can't for one moment imagine life without her.

    To answer the other part of your question, I had always wanted a big family 5+ children, when I was pregnant with her I had a feeling she would be our last and it was hard knowing I was doing the baby thing for the last time. After she was born I knew my hubby didn't want any more children and I respect his choice, I think if I had more patients I would of pushed him for more but I knew he was done. We waited until she turned 2 before he had the snip. I think that maternal urge to have more children I think will always be there, I look at my childrens photos and wish I could do it all again. I just don't believe in having more babies to fulfill that desire when I don't want any more children...if you know what I mean

    P.S also I had a horrendous surrogate pregnancy last year which has left me with ptsd so there is no way I could ever do pregnancy again.


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