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    Default If your child got bitten at daycare what would you do?

    Quote Originally Posted by SAgirl View Post
    Thanks I guess I'm just feeling a bit protective of him and sensitive about it all, I tried to explain in my other post about the 'avoiding' which I am not intentionally trying to be nasty or anything, it's just that at this point in time, with DS going through quite a few issues and seeing a psych, he needs my help to be surrounded by kids who are less likely to lash out at him. As it is he is struggling at daycare and he often says he doesn't want friends, with him being picked on by these boys at daycare and now being bitten, I hope you can see why I am just trying to 'avoid' these situations, to show him that it's good to have friends.

    This is my first time doing this.

    I hope my above post doesn't offend, I just can't find the right words to use to explain it all.
    I understand what you're saying, and not offended at all. I do think all kids round that age are equally likely to 'lash out' as a one off, so it's hard to predict and allow for that. They're still learning to use their words etc etc. Have you ever had a little violent urge and suppressed it? That's because you've learned those skills over time, and they don't have them yet.

    Having said that, if my son was being victimised or repeatedly hurt by the same child, I would absolutely do what I could to protect him from that, and I get totally why you have that instinct. It's our most important job, to protect our children from harm's way.

    Your initial feelings are also one reason why they didn't tell you who the biter was. I have seen parents go little kids over things like this in the initial rush of anger and protectiveness, and carers have a duty of care over *all* children.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is right for childcare, but at my school if a student ends up going to the doctor as a result of something that happened on site we have to lodge certain forms with the department, so it would be worth letting them know any follow up that occurs. Maybe someone can clarify?

    I hope some of our responses on this thread haven't disheartened you. It's horrible seeing your child hurt - we all understand that x
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    Hard to pick kids who are less likely to lash out, as noone really believes their kid will until they do...and then realise it's normal.

    I do get what you mean though. But feel, as a once off, things should be fine.

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    Biting occurs for many reasons including teething, looking for a reaction, craving attention, frustration. I have never had biters but both my boys have been bitten at daycare, it isn't nice and is difficult to deal with. If a child bites continuously or as a habit past 4ish it may stem from a more serious emotional problem.

    The most frustrating part I find is how the cc staff don't see it considering there is more often than not something going on leading up to the incident hence staff should be able to intervene before it happens particularly if it's the same child doing the biting.


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