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    Hello Daniel. Its looks like you and my husband are unfortunately following the same path. i cant advise you on what to do as every patient is different, but i can tell you what is causing my husbands low sperm count. and hopefully it helps...

    2 weeks ago his sperm test came back with only 8 swimmers. whereas, he had 13 swimmers the month previous. my doctor sent him for an ultrasound and it turns out that he has a large varicose vein on his left testicle and a small 1 on his right. these varicose veins are killing most of the sperm that travel through it. (this actually sounds worse than what it is). it can be fixed by a small surgery so dont panic.

    did your doctor say what steps you should take next?

    i also see that many ppl are recommending a vitamin supplement called Menevit. We were also told by our doctor to start taking this. it improves the quality of sperm that you have. and you can buy it in any chemist. apparently it is very popular so try another chemist if it is sold out.

    best of luck...

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    Sorry to hear this, but its not all over red rover. My hubby had no swimming and then tried menavit and it made 20% swim. Still not good for me as hubby has a chromosome issue. Hopefully they can use the sperm available for ICSI but if not there is donor sperm available.

    My hubby was faced with this prospect early on in our IVF journey. He heard that we needed donor to conceive, 1 minute later after the appointment it was decided that this is the route we needed to take. I have one daughter thus far.

    So all is not lost.


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