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Yes it's definitely a comfort thing for him, he actually already has his "bear" and the bear and dummy go hand in hand. In he finds bear he immediately says he wants dummy. If he finds a dummy somewhere he immediately says he wants Bear. So at least he would still have Bear to comfort him. We have just had a new baby too so I think that's another reason I'm reluctant to take the dummy away. But I think it's starting to affect his speech and he's starting to get looks/comments from people if I let him have it outside the house.

I think I will do what you said and maybe start being strict and putting some limits around dummy/bear for a few weeks first and then maybe tackle the dummy fairy 😁
This is similar to me. My ds1 is nearly 2 and still has his dummy even during the day. I don't think it's affecting his speech much as he takes it out to say a work before putting it back it! He also has a soft toy comforter but he just enjoys the dummy. Now he's started the terrible tantrums and it's just so much easier to give in and give him his dummy when he's screaming. I know I need to be firmer though.
In terms of ds2 I'm really debating what to do. He's 3 months now and at first wasn't too bothered with dummy but now is pretty attached to go to sleep. His sleep at night has been quite up and down with some very restless nights and I know the dummy isn't helping as he gets frustrated and stressed when it falls out. For anyone who took it away early how did you do it? I'm finding it so hard to with hold it when he's screaming to go to sleep and I know as soon as I give it to him it will calm him down. Does it take long for them to get over it? Do you just let them cry until they are exhausted from crying and realise the dummy is not coming??