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    Yes agree with others re the not dealing with the crying. Please get some help in this because as they get older it gets worse i'm sorry to say. it's a whole new ballgame. Nip it in the bud before he completely controls you and you cannot control him. If i gave my child food and he threw it i'd take it away and let him cry. if i gave him food and he wanted mine too bad. If he threw it at me he would get a loud and clear ''NO'' and i'd put him in his cot for 5 mins to cry it out there. get yourself an ipod and put music on if you don't want to hear his crying.

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    Great to hear he's eating! My DS is almost 14mo and he is an eating machine at the moment, seems pretty common for this age! If he cracks it because he's hungry/impatient I pop him in his high chair and give him a rice risk thing (those baby mummum ones) or nutrios to eat. They keep him busy but don't really fill him up so he still eats his meal.

    I have a 4yo so he mostly eats what she eats for snacks (fruit, crackers, cucumber sticks, yoghurt etc). Breakfast is oats with some puréed fruit mixed in and possibly some toast or a crumpet. I try to give him filling things for lunch like leftovers (pasta or rice with meat & veg of some sort). Just takes a minute or two to heat up. Sometimes he has sandwiches with nut butters or cream cheese with avocado, or French toast. Dinner is whatever we eat and we try to all eat together as much as possible so he learns the social aspect of eating together.

    Do some batch cooking and freeze in a mix of adult and baby size portions. That way you can eat the same thing as DS and it only takes a couple of minutes to heat up.


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