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    I was diagnosed with choleostasis at 31 weeks, I was a public patient (where I am, there is one hospital that delivers babies and it's the public) and I was allocated to a local OB and paid less per visit than the private patients did and no management fee. I had tons of scans and visits to check on the baby, as well as weekly OB visits. I'm a regional centre

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    My GF just had a really bad experience at the royal women in Melb so it goes to show that even the places that are supposed to be the best can have bad days.

    Same with every doctor or hospital really.

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    I think I'm just really impatient! I have no desire to sit in the hospital for hours on end waiting for appointments. I'm in a major city (but the burbs), everyone I know who has delivered at the public hospitals complained about waiting around, not being able to make convenient appointment times etc. Total first world problem but still a PITA.

    I wish we had a great public near us but unfortunately we don't.

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    I'm high risk and am going public. I'm being looked after by the obstetrics team. I've had scans every 4 weeks from 24 weeks. I've seen the obs every 2 weeks since 28 weeks. And it has all been free. I paid for my nt scan, amniocentesis and morph scan because we went to a specialist place for a more thorough and personal experience. Saw the same dr through all of them and she did my amnio, she is amazing. Then the rest has been through the hospital. They have been supportive and great through everything. I go in sunday night for induction for vbac attempt. I cannot fault them at all so far. A much better experience than my first pregnancy that's for sure!! (Different public hospital)

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    I think it depends on your personal preferences and what you can afford too. I knew from before I was ever pregnant that I was going to go private it was just something I wanted. I knew that I wanted my own room, I wanted my husband to stay, I wanted my own bathroom and I wanted a private ob who would recognise my face and my pregnancy every time I walked through his door and he did! My pregnancy started out fine then crashed and burned really quickly at the end and my dd was born via emergency csection at 34 weeks. The SCN at my hospital take bubs from 32 weeks so that was ok. I had lots of issues with the delivery and afterwards my ob even came back at like 9pm the night of the day I had her just to check on me because he was worried about me. I also got aftercare paid for by my phi that the public system won't fund.
    I've had a friend go public and first time it was good and second time it was absolutely terrible for her. I have another friend who went private and her ob kept overbooking herself and just rushed and never was personal with the patients. My sil was going public for her pregnancy last year and twice the hospital dismissed her calls re lack of movement just told her to wait until the next day when they could see her and when she did eventually get in they found out the baby had died overnight... When I was concerned about movement my ob stayed after closing and waited for me to get to see him asap. I have nothing against the public system they can be fantastic but sometimes they seem so over worked and short staffed.

    This time for my second pregnancy I'm booked in with the same ob and private hospital it was a no brainer for me. For the $4000 out of pocket it's totally worth it to me. I'm high risk this time because of what happened last time and just hoping I make it to 32 weeks as I don't want to have to be transferred to the mater to have bub earlier then that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maternidade View Post
    In all honestly I think public can be hit and miss. I've heard great stories about care for high risk, I've also heard horror stories and slipping through the cracks. At least with private it's the same dr that was chosen by you
    Thankyou so much for this post. It has been very helpful. I saw my GP today and went to a public hospital open day on the weekend and learned that I will be classified as a high risk pregnancy. It will definately give me peace of mind to be in a hospital that can cater for emergencies to if they arise.


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