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    Default 10 year old girl suggestions -OCC

    Hello. I'm doing Operation Christmas child gift box and they are short on ones for girls and boys 10-14. I'm after suggestions for a girl for the following categories
    Something to love
    Something to play with
    Something special
    School supplies
    Something to wear
    Personal hygiene
    It all has to fit in a shoebox.

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    I love OCC!

    To love: small soft toy

    To play with: large skipping rope, wind up torch, elastics, tennis balls - i usually go outdoorsy for this

    Special - a little coin purse filled with hair clips and elastics, a coin purse with some costume jewellery inside (necklace, bracelets) or nail stickers - that sort of thing

    School supplies - pencil case filled with pencils, sharpener, eraser, small ruler, notebook, novelty sticky notes, coloured pens

    To wear: undies or thongs - the 2 things girls of that age need. sometimes the girls have no underwear and during their period they cant go to school. Families also often only have 1 pair of shoes per family and the children take turns wearing them to trek to school or the well etc. Buy to fit the older age bracket, they wont care if too big.

    Personal hygiene - flannel and cake of soap or toothbrush & hairbrush/comb (no toothpaste allowed anymore as they eat it like a lolly)

    Hope this helps! You want it looking full but dont overflow and buy one of every suggestion as they will take stuff out while sorting. They need each child box to look similar with content. I like to do little bags with things inside and the pencilcase with supplies in as it doesnt look overwhelming.

    Have fun ☺


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