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    @A-Squared just wanted to add hiring your first nanny is a very stressful process. So many people think nannies are a luxury but for my family I can't work without one. My hours are unpredictable and I can't guarantee I'll be at daycare on time so it gives me peace of mind. But you are handing your kids over to someone you've never met before, they basically are in your home all day without you and you have to trust them.

    My best advice is interview interview interview!!!! I will meet with 12 nannies before hiring one. I have to get a really good vibe from them and imagine them with my kids. I've knocked back incredibly experienced women because I just felt my kids wouldn't bond with them and gone with my heart. My gorgeous first nanny was a young mum from Vietnam who was here as her husband was studying at Melbourne university. She had one son and looked after my daughter like her own. Lucy loved her and when she moved back to Vietnam we all missed her. She was amazing just because she thought my daughter was wonderful and took great care of her. But she had no prior experience.

    Good luck x

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    Hi there,

    I'm a full time Nanny and have been for 5 years now. I started out when I was 19, so yes I would have been classed as one of the younger ones.

    I've always been a sole charge nanny and usually had multiples in my care, up to 4 at a time.

    Working for various families, we as nannies, also have to choose one that feels right to us. I've been to interviews before, but turned down the position... Not because there was anything wrong with the family, you just get the 'this is the family' feeling.

    A professional career nanny will charge $25 an hour on average. I started on less when I had less experience but my rate has since gone up with time. I get holidays paid, superannuation, sick leave and will be going on maternity leave next year. (Not paid by them, but my job being 'on the books' allows me to qualify for the PPL). These things are so important to me for stability and planning for my own family.

    I've been in roles where I cleaned the house, cooked family meals (inc parents), took children to their swimming, ballet, preschool drop off etc. None of my roles have required me driving the children anywhere due to their location and proximity to activities/facilities.

    My current role only focuses on the one child I care for. They don't want me to do housework, other than the child's washing & cleaning up after ourselves. I do the cooking, only for her. This fits well for me as I feel my time is focused on the child, as it should be. They are a no TV household, which means, every minute I'm there... I am the child's entertainment. Of course this can be tiring, but there's no slacking off I guess.

    You absolutely have to trust your gut. I would recommend calling an agency to answer your questions, as I believe they will consult with you before you actually have to pay anything, then if you feel comfortable advertising and interviewing yourself then go for it. I would strongly recommend hiring someone with their working with children check and contactable references. I don't have formal qualifications behind me but all of the families I've worked for have said I have stood out more than those who have.

    Write down what you'd imagine the nanny doing for your children. What would her personality be like? How would she handle discipline? Is it the same style as yours? What would she do in an emergency? Would you trust her in your home with your most valuable possessions (your babies)? Could you imagine having a coffee with this person (not necessary, but you need to feel you get along with this person as they will become part of your family).

    Feel free to ask anything else!


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