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    Hi, my AMH is >1 (and I'm 33). Getting eggs is difficult. In 11 months of Ivf at maximum gonal f stimulation (450mg) I've produced 4 eggs. It's true what they say though - low AMH does not mean low quality. I've just had 2 A grade embryos transferred yesterday. You only need to produce one for a perfect little Bub.
    I have gonal f 300. There were 3 big 3 mid 4tiny follicles the last scan. End up only two collected n 1 fertilized. My FS was surprised as they were from small follicles. I have one successful pregnancy b4 but had d&c due to genetic issue. Im just wondering if I should go for few more cycles or not. My gp said its easier to get pregnant by ourselves then ivf even though my amh is low. My only issue is I have gen disorder which cannot be diagnosed
    in early state of pregnancy.

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    Default Cycle again or not?

    @smallkatty. In regards to whether or not to do another cycle. As I mentioned in the other post, in 11 months we have got 4 eggs. We had a couple of cycles where my eggs grew that fast that they were already cysts before the first ultrasound, got ONE egg one time and THREE this last time. Two of the last three fertilised but they couldn't put them back because my progesterone was too high (probably because of the DHEA) so they froze them both straight after fertilization. When they thawed them out they were both very good quality so they put them both back.
    My husband and I have agreed that we will keep doing IvF every month until we have zero evidence of any eggs. Admittedly being at westmead iVF makes that choice a little easier as it's so cheap - virtually free after your second cycle. I just don't want to be in my 40s thinking I could have done more. No regrets. I'd pay anything to be pregnant.


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