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    Default Witching hour Morning AND Night

    Please tell me it gets better!

    My DS is 4 weeks and seems to have his witching hours morning and night. I'm exhausted and mentally drained, as he just screams inconsolable hysterical screaming.

    Generally starts at 5am goes till 9am, we can finally get him in a restless sleep if we continue to hold him, but if we put him down he is awake again in minutes and upset.

    During the rest of the day he is ok if we are out and about and will sleep in the car and pram, if he is settled enough before leaving. Although he can be touch and go some days with the unsettledness, especially if we are not out. He will mostly catnap or be in a very light sleep and can be stirred quite easily, Which is a lot with my DD doing what 3y olds do.

    Then it starts again about 6pm and can go for another couple of hours. Making dinnertime difficult, DH usually have to take turns having dinner and trying to settle him.

    Nighttime is not to bad, he is waking every 2 hours for feeds, but will go back to sleep easy if we co sleep, so at the moment that is my only saving grace, and is allowing me to get some rest.

    I also have a 3 year old DD, so sleeping when the baby sleeps is out of the question, and I just feel so bad for her as I'm constantly trying to keep him settled.

    I guess I'm just trying to gauge how long this usually last for and that it does get better. DD was never like this that I can remember.

    It just seems like if he is not sleeping (which is hardly) or feeding he is screaming.

    Any tips for coping with the screaming? We have a rocking chair which helps, he hates having baths or showers.

    I know he is still only really little, but will it get better??

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    Do you have a carrier? My only suggestion would be to try something suitable for a newborn, like a Hug-a-Bub (or any other brand stretchy wrap).

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    Have you seen your gp or health nurse? Sounds like something else may be going on ie wind, reflux, colic etc


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