There's a few all in one meals I make in mine. Otherwise I might cook rice in my rice cooker (the only other appliance I kept) or pasta on the stove because the thermomix is getting used to make the sauce to go with the rice or pasta.

Mine mainly gets used for dinners (things like bolognaise, indian dishes, thai dishes, soups, chicken kievs etc.And if I've say used the thermomix to mill nuts and turn them in to crumbs for crumbing kievs, used it to grate the parmasen, make the herb garlic butter and mince the chicken...I then use the thermomix to steam vegies in the varoma and cook sweet potato in the simmering basket at the same time while the kievs are in the oven. Then the sweet potato goes in the thermomix for 30 seconds with a bit of milk and butter to make mash while I serve up the vegies and kievs), making my own stock, yoghurt, smoothies, grinding non wheat flours and milling nuts, making our own nut butters, for baking, making different flavoured butters, making sauces such as white sauce (so good, just chuck the ingredients in, turn it on and walk away) and washing powder.
I do make ice-cream and desserts in it, but not very often because it's just not our life style to eat dessert or ice-cream on a regular basis.
The thermomix is like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. While it stirs and cooks for me I unload the dishwasher, rinse and stack all the dinner prep dishes, and make school lunches. Even my DH, who was very against the cost of the machine says it was well worth the money.