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    Default Your 3-4yr old

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaybaby View Post

    He's a third child, so has had nowhere near the same amount of time spent on "academic" stuff as my first child!!
    I really don't think that matters. I never did any academic stuff with any of mine (only incidental) and I would say my third (2 yo, will be 3 in December) is more switched on than the other 2 at that age in most areas. I think it's because she's got older siblings.

    My 5 yo had his first "big school" orientation today and the teacher read the rainbow fish, then they did a rainbow fish craft and they must've been asked to write their name. I didn't even know he could write his name It's certainly not something I taught him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2BlueBirds View Post
    Where are they at, developmentally? I'm just curious as my 3.5yr old is at much different level to where his 6yr old brother was at the same age.
    So I'm wondering who was "normal" Ds1 or 2!

    (I'm referring to letter recognition, sounding letters, counting, memorising stories in books...)
    Ds1 and ds2 were very different at the same ages heading into kindy. Ds2 was more advanced than ds1 was at that age. Ds3 who isn't quite 1 is more advanced than ds1 and ds2 were at his age. Perhaps because he has older siblings who he learns so much from. I have to keep reminding myself he is only 11months, he waves and claps his hands and is saying a handful of words and has been walking since 9 months! Apart from walking early ds 1 and ds2 weren't doing half of what ds3 is at this age. Kids are all different and do things at different times. I wouldn't worry too much, wait until he starts kindy, the teacher should raise any concerns with you.

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    My 3.5 year old recognises some of the letters in his name, can count to 20, can stand on one leg, ride a bike, has memorised stories we read regularly, is very good at recognising feelings and emotions in others and in himself. He has very recently started to draw a person, cannot draw any numbers or letters and doesn't really want to. He doesn't sit still- his fine motor skills are nowhere near as strong as his gross motor skills. I would say he is developing well emotionally and socially and his gross motor skills are great but he needs to work on fine motor.


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