Hi everyone,

I just signed up, so please excuse me for not having all the lingo and acronyms down yet!

I'm 29 and have been married for almost 4 years. My hubby wanted to travel and wait before ttc but I've finally recently got him on board with it all and he's really excited.

I went off the pill in Jan this year after being on it for about 14years. I originally went on it after getting my first period at 15 and not having another until 5 months later.. so it was to regulate my cycle. I went off the pill to allow my body to regulate for about 6 months before we started ttc.

After going off the pill I had 4 regular cycles ranging between 25 and 35 days. Then my 4th cycle was 6 weeks. After this long cycle we decided it was time to start ttc.

Today it has been 10weeks since my last period. I have been to the doctor who has done blood tests, a pap smear, ultrasound and plenty of home testing kits that have given me BFN's. The doctor said all the tests were normal and there was no reason for my period to be M.I.A. he said to see how we go and if I don't get pregnant in 6-12 months to go back.

I'm starting to get frustrated as it seems as though as soon as we made the decision to ttc my body shut up shop and is letting me down. We were overseas for 5 months during some of these AF issues so I was as stress-free as could be, so I don't know what the problem is.

I have no other symptoms etc except my skin has broken out in acne quite bad, which maybe supports the idea of a hormonal imbalance?

Has anyone been in my shoes before? I'd love any advice. I thought the 2ww would be bad, but the 8ww is excruciating! Thanks