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    Default 14 month old & seperation anxiety

    14 month old ds is super clingy at the moment. He gets so upset when I have to put him down to make food, use the bathroom etc even though he can still see me. And he gets really upset when dh goes to work cause hes completely obsessed with dh at the moment.

    I dont know where my happy boy has gone. All he seems to do is cry. It makes me so sad & i dont know how to help him & im worried hes crying cause of something im doing/not doing.

    He even cries on daycare drop off now. He used to love daycare & hes been going for months but now suddenly when i drop him off he gets really upset.

    Its breaking my heart, how can i help him to be less upset all the time?

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    My advice is to talk him through everything you are doing...

    Mummy needs to go to the toilet in a few minutes.
    Ok mummy is just going to the toilet now.
    I will be back in just 2 minutes.
    I want you to play with ... until I get back.
    Ok look mummy is back now just like I said I would be.
    I know you don't like it when I leave but sometimes mummy has to wee! I promise I will always be back when I say I will.

    I know this sounds odd and it might feel weird to talk so much to your Bub but I promise he is understanding sooooooo much at this age. Talking like this will not stop his crying right away because even if he understands he still might be unhappy with you leaving. Over time tho he will feel more secure and trust that you will be right back. Good luck this is just a normal developmental stage. You are not doing anything wrong. X

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    Default 14 month old & seperation anxiety

    I agree with the above poster.

    My Dd is older than your son ( 19 months) but she is acting similar at the moment, she used to be quite happy to go to anyone, now she chases me around and cries sometimes if I need to go to the toilet or clean the kitchen etc which is unlike her.

    It's a tricky age, especially now he is a toddler, they understand new things everyday, but don't necessarily understand that you will always come back or you will only be a minute etc.

    I've just had to be a bit stern sometimes, if she's chasing me around all day (her little voice saying mum x 100..literally) I will encourage her to go and play or I will interact with her but not pick her up. If she's crying at my legs whilst I'm trying to prepare dinner then I will explain what I'm doing and let her know " mummy is just making your dinner". And she will bang down the door and sometimes cry when I go to the toilet, but you know what, it's my right as a human to use the bathroom, she can wait Lol.

    Unfortunately I don't have 10 arms to be able to hold her and get everything done and I don't have the patience of a saint to give her my undivided attention 24/7 because life still has to go on but I do try.

    It's a bit of a struggle when they are young and can't understand but we as mothers just need to do the best we can.

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