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    Default Studying tips needed!

    For me it depends what subject it was.

    For English, it was really important for me to read the material before the lecture, take notes during the lecture, and then re read the material focussing on what was discussed in the lecture. I didn't highlight, but would refer to important quotes in my notes if necessary. That way when I reviewed for the exam I could go back to specific pages or portions of the material. It was also pretty impressive to have a few quotes ready for that exam essay.

    For law it was different. I found it was more efficient only to read the material after the lecture. Also law exams are open book so that meant making good notes was really important. I always took notes during the lecture, then took notes while reading the material, then instead of 'studying' for the exam, I would focus my time consolidating my notes and making them really complete but also efficient and easy to use.

    Languages were a different thing again. They were mostly just about memorising.

    So I guess it's about finding what works for you. For me it was take notes, read read read, and then take more notes! And then if in doubt, read again.

    Also, Microsoft word's note application can record the lecture while you take notes - it is awesome! I highly recommend it.

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    Some great ideas here. Also keep in mind the size of the course load, and make sure your study plan is realistic. It is a common trap to study the first 4 weeks amazingly, but run out of time to do the remaining weeks to the same standard. Time allocation and sticking to your study goals is important

    Best of luck for your studies!

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    I read the required text for the week and make notes as I read - the amount of detail I write down depends on how complex the info is. The subject I'm doing this semester is pretty heavy so I am writing a lot of notes. I'm studying online and there are no lectures for this subject so after reading the text I then do the extra activities if I have time (online quizzes or videos or extra readings).

    I look at the assessments in week 1 and try to start straight away. I priorities assignments as that's where a lot of the marks come from. If I can do really well in the assignments it takes the pressure off the exam.

    Review questions are a really good way of making sure you know the key concepts for each topic and a good starting point for exam revision. I also read through my notes and re-read parts of the textbook if there's something I don't feel confident with. I try to judge what are the most important parts of each topic/chapter and make sure I know those key things.

    Some subjects are very prescriptive about what you need to do each week as far as reading, exercises, or online tasks and others are quite loose in the way they are delivered.

    You'll soon figure out what works for you.

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    Read the requirements and look at the suggested study plan/timetable.
    I had a student diary where I wrote the suggested study in each week and when the assignments were due and tried to stick to it. I would do readings beforehand and try to keep a week or two ahead of the suggestion to give me more time to do the assignments or to allow myself time not to stress of an event came up or I got sick.

    As your doing assignments I found t easier to reference as I was going rather than trying to back track and find quotes ect.

    There is heaps of great resources on how to write assignments ect read up on how to structure paragraphs ect and it helps heaps! I was averaging a distinction.

    Good luck!

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    Wow! So many great suggestions. Thank you everyone! It's given me some good things to think about and get prepared for and it's got me more excited, plus a tiny bit scared.

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