I was actually going to start a thread on this today!

I've been very low sugar (I keep to less than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, including fruits) for about 3 months now. I do bake and use Rice Malt Syrup for things like home made muesli bars for DS, home made almond meal biscuits, etc.

I usually have things like:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, natural yoghurt with fresh berries and toasted nuts, if I'm being lazy I'll have low sugar crackers like vita wheat with some almond butter.

Snacks - nuts, avocado, tinned tuna, natural yoghurt, celery sticks with natural peanut butter.

Dinners - we try to keep to whole foods seasoned with spices, etc.

If we do spaghetti and meatballs I use a spiral cutter to make zucchini spirals instead of pasta, and use a passata that i make more tasty with some fresh herbs.

I've found some good recipesin the I Quit Sugar book, and I've found the river cottage cook books good for dinner ideas as they use a lot of whole foods with herbs and spices.

Basically we avoid anything processed, but if we do use a packaged sauce/paste we look for something that has less than 5g of sugar per 100'g.

We also avoid artificial sweetners as those can be worse for you than sugar!

The difference for me has been absolutely amazing! My constant headaches and insomnia have gone, I have more energy than I ever remember having, and as a bonus I've lost 3kgs

The first 2 weeks were tough, but now I just don't even want sweet sugary things. I had a bite of cake the other day and it tasted so overwhelmingly sweet that I spat it out. I now find that carrots taste sweet! Carrots!? So once you're used to it I think it's easy to maintain