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    Default Testes haven't dropped

    I am hoping someone can help me here, I am so confused now.

    When my DS was 16 months he was very sick and admitted to hospital, whilst he was there they checked that his testes had dropped etc (not related to his illness) and found they hadn't, they were up and down as far as we knew at that stage.

    Anyway, the paed who was looking after him gave us a referral for an ultrasound, where the ultrasound tech said she was struggling to push them down with the probe.

    Anyway, we were then given a referral for the surgeon and told that he would need surgery, as by 6 months of age, they should have dropped permanently.

    So anyway ff to today and we have or surgeon appointment, he checks him, pushes his testicles down into the scrotum and says 'look there they are, he's normal and it's all good, no surgery needed'

    So I told him what had happened when we were at the ultrasound how she couldn't push them down, anyway, he says 'that's why she's the technician and I'm the surgeon'
    Or something to that effect... (A bit cocky and arrogant)

    Anyway, he says he has seen 30 kids today already all with the same 'issues' and DS is definitely fine.

    So it's great news, but I can't help questioning it because of what we were told by the paed and how his testes are definitely NOT in his scrotum full time, in fact I checked tonight after his bath and tried to push them down and couldn't.

    So who is correct? The surgeon or the paed?

    I didn't get to ask him these questions as the appointment seemed so rushed and he didn't seem like he was one to explain details, just like 'in and out' really quick and I only really thought about it after we left.

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    My 4yr old DS has 1 teste that sits higher then the other. He recently saw a pead who specialises in that area and we told that they don't worry too much until the age of 7yrs. He said they can go up and down until puberty.

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