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    Hi Rhylis i had a mc @6 weeks in July this year so am totally understanding your anxiety on this one as ive just found out im pregnant last week (just waiting on bloods back on wednesday to see how far along but wouldnt be less than 4 weeks)
    I agree with @nelljm doing a POAS is a great help and is reassuring. As soon as i got a an immediate BFP yesterday i felt a lot more confident in this pregnancy.
    Im in the same boat as you, went to my scan..nothing there so getting past that first scan will be a bit of an acheivement,and will help greatly in being able to focus on a happy healthy pregnancy.
    Here for you anytime you want to chat!

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    I completely understand this. Particularly after two. I had an mmc in August last year. I was freaked out about my next pregnancy until it ended in a TFMR at 22 weeks in March (very very rare to get that far before you find a problem). I'm currently bleeding my way through a new pregnancy so I'm right with you! Best thing to remember is that a blighted ovum is almost certainly a chromosome problem, which means each new pregnancy is literally completely different. There is no evidence of an issue with you that might cause this to happen again.

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    Hi @Rhylis I'm in almost exactly the same situation as you. I'm 7.5weeks and this is my 4th pregnancy. I have a 3yo DD and I've had two mcs this year already. First was a blighted ovum (sac no baby) & had the mc at 10weeks. Second one was spontaneous at 5.5weeks. I thought all was going good then one day Bam all over.... I've struggled with the worry & anxiety these events have caused.

    Just this week we had a scan & this time we have a live baby with a strong heartbeat! But I am still cautious & nervous. Probably will be that way until my NT scan. Hopefully I make it that far... See that's how I look at this pregnancy. I want to be excited but I'm protecting myself from the pain & disappointment.

    What has helped me so far is to stay busy & occupy myself to pass the time quicker. Stay in the moment & try not to think about the what ifs. Unfortunately at this stage all you can do is wait for time to pass & count down the days until your scan.

    I also had hcg bloods done every few days & they were always good, so that gave me some reassurance along the way. With my mcs the bloods were not so good.

    Are you getting your bloods done?


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