This isn't really a 'problem' (although it is keeping me awake!), more just curiosity as DS is talking in his sleep more and more. I noticed it a couple weeks ago when I thought I woke him when I went to bed (I sleep on the guest bed in his room) and he chatted a little bit but I soon realized he was sound asleep. Now he is averaging a little chat 1 or 2 times a night but last night he went for almost an hour after being awake for an hour standing up and chatting from 2-3. Then at 4 I thought he was still awake but when I looked he was asleep but chatting like he was awake. I'm starting to wonder if he was even awake when he was standing?! Just curious if anybody else's child has started sleep talking (and maybe walking) this early? I assume there's nothing really I can do about it but try and ignore it and fall back asleep, impossible though. DH has said he slept walked as a child, and still does when he's drunk😉.