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    Hi There Sparkle18! Just saw this as I was doing ob search! congrats on your pregnancy!!
    I went with Helen Clarke and she is really great. We are thinking of having another in 18mths or so and I heard she may be retiring soon?? (could be complete wrong info as was from friend of friend!!) but if she is your ob now, I guess not too soon? do you know if this is true? I just want to know so I can start looking at other obs if need to lol!! I like to know in advance haha but really hope she is still available in 1-2yrs!!
    Aw thank you. I'm 20 weeks now it's going so fast!!!
    I'm seeing Helen next week so I will try and ask I hope she isn't as I would love to have her again as she has been great so far. I'm due in April so maybe she is at the end of next year? If I find out il let you know 😊

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    That would be so great if you could ask somehow!! Haha. She gets better with each pregnancy too! It would be such a pain to have to find a new ob who doesn't know my history etc!! She delivered my first 3 and was great. First was emergency at the end and she was so good in that situation, calm and had Bub out quick. I don't know if I could trust another ob lol!! Obs don't usually take on new patients when they are close to retiring so I'm hoping she'll hang in there another couple of yrs at least!! You must have half way scan soon exciting😀


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