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    Default Blood test tomorrow

    Hello everyone, I'm really nervous about my situation at the moment so I thought I would come in here for a bit of a vent.

    I'm having a blood test tomorrow because I suspect I may be pregnant; all signs are pointing to yes particularly that I'm 7 days late (and I've never had an irregular cycle) and experiencing a few symptoms like very sore boobs. The only issue is that all the HPTs I've done have been negative, not even a faint line. I had some spotting on the day my period was due but then nothing actually came.

    So yeah, could be... Might not be... Keeping my fingers crossed that I am because it would be wonderful!!!

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    Hi loulou15

    Fingers crossed for you for tomorrow!

    I have zero patience so just returned from doc and blood test, so far I'm 3 days late (CD30) - usually regular if not early. Had no sore boobs (usually they are agony from 3-4 days before AF), but they've grown, I'm bloated, yesterday had nausea/headache and bad stomach to the point where I felt like I had the worst hangover and had to take the day off work, loads of CM (sorry for TMI), none of the usual cramps I get before AF, swollen fingers, bloated tummy, small appetite, vivid dreams, dizzy........... jeeezzzzzz

    But to date, 4 BFNs (Pregnosis and CB Plus).

    Doc said "oh it's very early to have any symptoms at all and I'd put money that the blood test comes back negative....but then you never know with medicine" ....

    But that's not what so many now-mums on here say so I take hope from that!!!

    Either that or I have a tummy bug


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