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    Sounds like she is doing great. Big pats on your back. You are doing well. It is bloody hard.

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    Hi there I have a 7.5 week old as well and he catnaps throughout the day and wakes every 4 hours for a feed at night. Hang in there what you describe sounds pretty normal. Its hard but sometimes you have to ignore what others tell you about their super babies😄. If your in nsw ring tressillan helpline and they will tell you what your doing is great and pretty normal...this morning bubs went to sleep at 4 after his feed but then i had my 3.5yr old wake me at 5:30 to start his day. So i understand how you feel about being so tired but your doing great

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingermillie View Post
    Sorry in advance for the jumble ahead. I'm tired!!
    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but my 7.5 week old girl is still feeding every 3-4 hours (4 hour gap is maybe 1-2 times a day, otherwise it's 2-3hrs between feeds). This means that by the time she is fed, burped, changed, settled she sleeps maximum 3 hours. In 7 weeks the most sleep I've had is 3 hours in a row. She is exclusively breastfed and I can't get a break by expressing and getting DH to use a bottle as she's not a fan and I end up wasting the milk and feeding her anyway. She's starting to not like sleeping during the day or only sleeping in my wrap carrier so saying 'sleep when the baby sleeps' doesn't really help. I have no help during the week either. If I can get her to have 1-2 x 1-2hr naps between 9am-9pm I'm doing well during the day. I use this time to get stuff done as the rest of the day she mainly cries when I put her down. She settles and sleeps better overnight which is something but never longer than 3hrs at a time.
    I'm just sick to the eyeballs of hearing from other mums I know or mums group or reading about babies sleeping 5, 7, 10, 12 hours straight at this stage. Making me feel like a failure even though I know that's emotions and tiredness talking.
    I'm think I'm doing ok with the lack of sleep except when she's having a bad day and crying/refusing to be put down then my exhaustion catches up and I get frustrated with her and teary by the time DH gets home.
    Is there anything I can do or just ride it out? She's still only just 4kg as she was 4 weeks prem and only 2.65kg at birth. I'm slightly confused as to whether she is thus considered only 3 weeks old developmentally as she seems ahead in some things. I am perhaps expecting too much given she's so little. Have also heard sleeping/feeding patterns get more settled at 6kg? I guess I just thought by 7.5 weeks things would be getting a touch easier and they're not.
    Not sure what I'm looking for, advice? Light at the end of the tunnel? Positivity so I don't get consumed by this tiredness and frustration and wish away her gorgeous tinyness? Gosh this mum business is hard work. I'd kill for just 5hrs sleep in a row right now. I'm not that greedy 😜
    Haven't read all the responses but quickly wanted to say:

    You are NOT doing anything wrong!!

    Please don't compare your baby with those others it will drive you absolutely mad. Your baby is unique and right now wants to feed more often and there is nothing wrong with that. Hard for you - yes!

    My son fed 2-3 hourly for the first 5 months. I would have killed for more than 1 hour of unbroken sleep those first few months but as you say, by the time he was fed, burped, changed and settled I was lucky to have time for a quick shower before he woke again. Torture!

    And I honestly tried every trick in the book.

    I now know plenty of other mothers who had similar experiences and it's not uncommon at all. And you want to scream when you hear stories of other babies sleeping through the night, having to be woken to be fed, etc.

    The only advice I have is to get help wherever you can. Maybe try expressing milk (if you can get bub to take a bottle) and having your partner or someone else do a feed so you can get a break, have some sleep etc. at night I would have DH bring DS to me for a feed, then he would take him away to be burped, changed and settled so I could go back to sleep asap. Help really is essential when you have a frequent feeding/waking baby.

    Please try and get some help where you can. It's important you get rest too and you will be surprised at how much better you will feel just with an extra hour or 2.

    And it does get better!

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    It's amazing what a 'good' night can do for your mood. She fed at 10:30pm then 3am then 6:30 then fell asleep again (which I wasn't expecting) til 9:30! So I got 8.5hrs sleep across 3 blocks and a peaceful shower and breakfast before she woke up which makes all the difference to starting my day well. Yay

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    Firstly, I would like to say a big Congratulations on being a new mumma!! It is a tough slog and it can be so ****ing hard! I am currently 12 weeks along with my 3rd. My other babies are 8 and 10 lol. I know it is hard, but try not to compare your bub with other bubs. They are all different. As a new mum I was guilty of comparing my children with others but it just causes unnecessary stress. My two were pretty good sleepers but didn't sleep right through for a very long time.
    3 hours per sleep is pretty good. Your bub is far too young to be in any sort of a routine and if she is waking up and pretty happy,I would say she is getting enough sleep. Unfortunately as mums we seem to get the bad end of the deal because we need more sleep. Your little bundle seems perfectly normal.

    Oh PS Just saw your last post about the 8 hour sleepathon!! Well done to your bub. That's fantastic!
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