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    I wouldn't be happy with that either.
    Is he easy/civil to talk to?
    Maybe look into mediation or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhoda View Post
    Hi all
    Im just after some advice. to keep a long story short, dh and i split up in march this year. we have ben living in the same house with DD1 who is 8, DS who is 5 and dd2 who is 4.

    This weekend he is moving into his own place and we have begun talking about when he will have the kids.

    Dh work FIFO 21 days on and 19 days at home.
    When he is away for those 21 days i obvously have the kids full-time as he is not in the country. When he comes home on his 19 days off he wants to have the kids for 7 days straight then I have the kids for 2 days and he has the for the remaining 10 days.

    I am really not happy about this! am i being totally unreasonable. I never want to deny him his kids but i am not comfortable only seeing the kids for 2 days out of 19. Now i know i get them for 3 weeks straight but that is not by choice. Its out of necessity. If he had a regular job we would be doing 50/50 shared care with no problem at all.

    My suggestion to him was for him to have the kids for 8 days straight, then I have the kids for 5 days then he has for them the remaining 6 days. I think this a a pretty fair arangment.

    Im really worried that we are not going to be able to work this out and i dont want him to take the kids and give me no choice but to see them for 2 days. Im worried that if we end up having to go to court the judge might agree with him.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Your suggestion sounds reasonable to me. That means he has them for 14 days out of 19. Surely he'd want some time to be able to do stuff while he's home without the kids anyway? He's the one who wants to do a job like that.


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