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    Hi all,

    My DH was on a horrible 4/1 roster for ages but recently started a 2/2 roster which is so good now.
    I work part time and we have a 3.5yr old son who handles the fifo life perfectly which helps
    I hate when DH leaves but I actually find the few days after he's back harder as it throws off our whole routine that I have with our son. It is so nice when he's home to help out though etc.
    Would love for him to get a role back in Brisbane!!!

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    I totally forgot I started this thread last year! My DH is currently home and it's amazing how different life is when he is here. I feel totally on top of things today, much less stressed and less depressed. Last weekend we had a huge 'discussion' as I haven't been coping at all with him being away all week every week and he was supposed to be travelling less with his new role (he is now denying he ever said that).

    But yes I am destined to be a wife of a travel-for-work husband for the foreseeable future. It's ok atm because I am on mat leave, not sure how I will fit in work (and possibly study) next year.

    With regard to routine I have gone as far as printing out DS2's 'routine' and sticking on the fridge to help give DH an idea of what happens when. I am still a complete control freak though, because I spend more time with the kids I have 'my way' of doing things and it's really hard for him to keep up etc. Thankfully he is usually happy to follow my lead with regard to the kids.


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